USIA.CO.UK are now accepting submissions for our 2019 exhibition in Singapore. This is a major event for any artist career. Please note that there is a participation fee, but submission is free. Dead line August 2019. Sooner you subscribe, you get a better discount. You can also send by email to us and see past events at USIA / MODERN 

- We will print in our lab your photos in pvc and display during event. Printing and Transport to Singapore is not include. 

- Originals must be transported by our company of transport. From your studio to Singapore. 

- Prints will be also made by our lab studio. Printing cost and transport to Singapore is not include. 

- For this artworks please send all information about the works, via

USIA artists are automatically pre-approved to exhibit, although we still need to see images of the works proposed and approve each work. All artists are welcome to submit an application.

What we provide:

• Professionally designed and staffed exhibition
• Proper hanging and display of each artwork in wall, easels, or any other. Each work is carefully hung or otherwise displayed, with adequate surrounding space.
• Labelling for each work
• Promotion, Press releases, Social Media and email campaigns. VIP guests from Embassy, Art Museums, Art Collectors and Clients.
• Catalog design and priting
• Pre-sale support artwork sales. 0% Comission on sales.
• Unlimited VIP and guest passes. This is a private event.
• Unpacking and repacking of artworks before and after the show
• Insurance in case of loss, robberry or damage by fire and water.
• Art shipping (request your quotation). We will arrange shipping to and from the venue of the show. We can also store works.

Please contact us at for more information.

During delivery, repackaging or pick up, your artwork may pass through many different hands and climates, so it's very important to package your artwork correctly so that it arrives at its destination in good condition. You will need to use a custom crate for artworks such as sculpture, large flat artworks, works that are 50 x 50 cm  or larger, and fragile items. Please remember that it is your responsibility to cover the costs of packing your artwork, and you should therefore include the packaging costs when pricing your work. If at any time you need help during the packaging process, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Vernissage (Invitation Only)
15th September 2019, 5pm

Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Ave, 


Celebrating Contemporary Art 

Artists Soon

Curated by Francisco Lacerda

The USIA presents the first private collective exhibition and evening project: Celebrating Contemporary Art. This exhibition, curated by Francisco Lacerda, will be an evening exhibition with artworks from many contemporary artists from around the world.

The guests and artists will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition, pre-order and make contacts with the art world in Asia.

As Asia’s leading destination for business, leisure and entertainment, Singapore Marina Bay Sands® is home to multiple unique and vibrant venues, creating a world-class experience for art.

About USIA

USIA is a influential and international contemporary, modern and masterpiece online art gallery. Founded near 2009 by Francisco Lacerda, the brand USIA have a team with decades of investment expertise in Europe, Americas, Middle East, Africa and Asia. USIA Clients and Partners are Ultra UHNWI , Dealers, Auction Houses, Private Investors, Entrepreneurs and Art Investors. USIA makes a unique contribution to global culture, enriching the dialogue between the public and artists of different generations, cultures and disciplines. USIA is anchored in fundamental principles that center on respect for Human Rights and Climate Change, Nation, location, language, religion, ethnic origin or any other status. A USIA é uma galeria on-line de arte internacional moderna, contemporânea, e de obras-primas, fundada em 2009 por Francisco Lacerda. Os seus princípios centram-se no respeito plenos direitos humanos e pela mudança climática, bem como pelas nações, localizações, línguas, religiões, culturas, origens étnicas e outras características distintivas. A sua marca conta com uma equipa com décadas de peritagem já investida na Europa, nas Américas, no Médio Oriente, na Ásia, e em África. Os clientes e sócios da USIA são dealers, leiloeiros, investidores privados, empreendedores, e investidores em Arte. Desta forma, a USIA faz uma contribuição única para a cultura global, enriquecendo o diálogo entre o público e os artistas de várias gerações, culturas, e disciplinas. 

About Francisco Lacerda

Focused on its International Customers since the very beginning, USIA ships its art to most countries in the world. Francisco Lacerda has curated more than 60 exhibitions around the world. USIA founder Francisco Lacerda is member of the Gia Alumni Portugal and UK, making GIA the exclusive brand for diamond certification of USIA worldwide Clients. Francisco Lacerda has backgound in Management, Visual Arts, Gemology, Art Business and Art Law. Francisco has worked with artists like Tran trong Vu, Eva M. Paar, Mahmud Rustamov, Teymur Rustamov, Luke Nugent, Gillian Hyland, Pedro Calapez e Lee Cheng at different stages of their career. Centrada desde o início nos seus clientes internacionais, a USIA envia a sua arte para a maior parte dos países do mundo. Francisco Lacerda, membro fundador da USIA, já fez a curadoria de mais de 60 exposições em todo o mundo. Francisco é membro da Gia Alumni Portugal e UK, o que faz da GIA a marca exclusiva para certificação de diamantes dos clientes da USIA em todo o mundo. Os seus estudos e interesses envolvem Gestão, Artes Visuais, Gemologia, Negócio de Arte e Direito Artístico. Já representou artistas como Tran Trong Vu, Eva M. Paar, Mahmud Rustamov, Teymur Rustamov, Luke Nugent, Gillian Hyland, Pedro Calapez and Lee Cheng, em diferentes fases das suas carreiras


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