Richard Lewsey
Vernissage (Free entrance)
4th April 2019

Public Days
1st April 2019 - 7th June 2019

Eurostars Museum
R. Cais de Santarém 40, 1100-104 
Lisboa, Portugal



Artist Richard Lewsey

Curated by Francisco Lacerda

Richard Lewsey is a discreet soul who investigates the human mind using conceptualism and minimalism as is preferred tools. establishing intimacy and with a sense immediacy As he keeps thriving to establish immediate intimacy with the viewer, he still adopts the humble radical stance borrowed from contemporary artists of twentieth century. And always, consistently, no matter what, he affirms the predominance of concept over form, and of idea over execution. 

The appearance of simplicity is common in Lewsey’s work. The need to eliminate the arbitrary and subjective in art, quite visible here in Abstract Works, leads him to explore all possible variations in form. The way he keeps tackling all dimensions in smaller scale reveals a true fascination for geometric structures.

Richard Lewsey was born in United Kingdom. He has a BA Honours Degree from Camberwell College of Arts, UK. He already exhibited in Lisbon, London, Berlin, France and Italy. Lewsey has formerly presented his work  in collective exhibitions curated by Francisco Lacerda, in Bulgari Hotel & Residences London and Ritz Four Seasons Lisbon.

Richard Lewsey dilui-se na sua própria obra ao investigar a mente humana, usando o conceptualismo e o minimalismo como instrumentos de eleição para estabelecer desde logo com o observador uma sensação de intimidade eivada de um sentido imediato que a torna especial e diferente. Nesta frente, a humildade do autor face à manifestação artística, característica do legado fundamental do século XX, recorda-nos em cada passo que o conceito vale sobre a forma, tal como a ideia vale sobre a execução.

A aparência de simplicidade é uma constante em todo o trabalho de Lewsey. A necessidade de eliminar formas de arte subjetivas e arbitrárias, muito visível nestes Trabalhos Abstratos, leva-o a explorar todas as variações de forma passíveis de expressar o seu subtexto. A forma como recomeça uma vez e mais outra a explorar as mesmas dimensões numa escala menor revela um autêntico fascínio com o lado geométrico das estruturas. 

Richard Lewsey é natural de Inglaterra e tem um BA Honours Degree do Camberwell College of Arts, UK. Já exibiu o seu trabalho em Londres, Lisboa, Berlim, França e Itália.  Também já apresentou anteriormente o seu trabalho em exposições colectivas com curadoria de Francisco Lacerda, no Bulgari Hotel & Residence (Londres) e Ritz Four Seasons (Lisboa).

THE SIXTH SENSE by Clara Pinto-Correia

If we ever came to life there’s no avoiding death, but while we’re still here we certainly can stay away from boredom in every given day we go through. All we need to do is to trust each other, and even more so to trust ourselves. We have secret mechanisms to wake us up whenever we ran into people especially destined for us, impossible to put in words but quite understandable in actions. Some messages are not meant for anybody else but ourselves to understand, because their key lies deeper inside than our more superficial five senses. Hence the special radiance that saves us through laughter. Hence all the instances where mere chance makes perfect sense, and nobody else can see where that sense is pointing to. All that belongs to us fits in a space we just discovered, and now we know we don’t need to ask for permission to climb aboard nor to beg forgiveness for having arrived so late. All we have to do is to run away with our own dreams and all their dangers. They might frighten others; but they can’t scare us, because they’re our own home.


Major Exhibitions

2018 “Serendipity” Biblioteca Palácio Galveias, Lisbon, Portugal curated by USIA; “Transitory art exhibition”, Katara Cultural Village, Doha, Qatar, curated by Francisco Lacerda in collaboration with the Portuguese Embassy S.H.A.P.E. Gallery, London 

2015 “The Four Seasons”, Ritz Four Seasons, Lisbon, Portugal, curated by USIA Selected for USIA Top Artist 2015 2015 issues of MODERN PAINTERS, Louise Blouin Media

2014 “The Exclusive Exhibition”, Bulgari Hotel & Residences, London, curated by USIA GZ-BASEL, HAUPT, Holbeinstrasse 58, Basel KUNST 2014 at Forum Factory, Berlin  “Tunnel Project” at The Framers Gallery, Fitzrovia, London Frieze, April issue 162, published on March 20, 2014. S.H.A.P.E. Gallery, London 

 2013 (publications) I Segnalati 2013 by Salvatore Russo ea editore Article: Richard Lewsey’s Attires of Twilight by Tchera Niyego S.H.A.P.E. Gallery, London 

2011-2012 GZ-Art Basel 2012, International Art Fair, Basel Selected by Trevisan international Art for “On the Edge” at Galleria de Marchi, Bologna “World View”, Barcelona Berlin Zeitung Richard Lewsey “Visual Artist” published by Galeria Zero, photographed by Kalone Kienda 

 2008-2010 Individual show, Barcelona Exhibited in “made in 2010”, Barcelona “Art for Walls”, Lennox Gallery London 

 1993-2007 Mixed show in London; Produced a film on Istanbul Wrote and acted in play at a Westminster Theatre Acted in martin Howse Film 

1982-1991 (London) Mixed show at Royal Free Hospital BADA Exhibition, Hampstead Mixed show Whitechapel Forum Centre Annual show at Cable Street Studios Listed at Whitechapel Gallery 


Major Awards

USIA Top Artist of the Year 2015




Major Publications

Modern Painters by BlouinArtinfo; Frieze Magazine; Gulf Times; Qatar Tribune; Berliner Zeitung



Participating venues

Biblioteca Palácio Galveias

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

United State Of International Artists



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