New Perspectives

"My work is colorful as well as dark, shifting from feeling to feeling." 
everybody knows women can fly

Whoever carries in their baggage a strong connection to Barcelona and a long heritage of Swedish-Lebanese culture will most likely go down the path I took in one way or another, gather the visions and ghosts and fantasies that shape their own visions along the way, and somehow end up in the city where we all come to try our luck at doing our best, in the company of thousands other artists who took their own special pilgrimage to New York City to bathe their work in the special light that only shines in wonderland.

In this home away from home women are all free and are all one, condensed in those dancing bodies that jump at you from the canvas as an ultimate anthem to freedom.  They paint their lips bright red, they hung their heads in reverie, they sit in doorsteps watching street life pass by at full speed, they find their place, they build they voice, they discover their gestures. And then they sail away, so that Wonderland Voyages never end. For as long as the wind blows and the ocean stretches forever, we shall always keep on going. And we shall always pass, because we are the Salt of the Earth.

SAMAH EL HAGE in Barcelona!

In 2017, USIA team will offer a great selection of photography with more than 15 photos for sale with estimates starting at £250. 

The sale also offers a unique opportunity for collectors to bring home accessibly priced art from the talent artist Samah El Hage.

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Public days
Monday to Sunday, 9am - 10pm
Hotel Design Barcelona

Our  exhibition  "New Perspectives" which is placed at Angli – offers a premier platform for showing works from across the globe. 

USIA has become a destination for contemporary paintings, but the house is also devoted to celebrate new forms of art, such as photography. 

If you haven't yet visited the Eurostars Anglí hotel, you haven't seen anything yet because, to go through its front door is to enter a world where imagination has been let loose: a hotel in Barcelona city adorned with grafitti, with sheep in your suite so you can get to sleep counting them, with the bath forming part of the room, with floors imitating the green meadows of Ireland? 

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