SPACEAna Gonçalves

A tribute to those who seek it.
Ana Gonçalves is a Portuguese artist who has held several solo and collective exhibitions during her career in Portugal and abroad. She is best known for her paintings which present an emotive and astrological perspective of the universe. 

Much as space seems to be receding in the world we’re used to see all around us, even at the surface we receive clear signs that it is all still here if we care to read them. 

Look inside the rocks, where big caves dig up strange cathedrals, and you’ll see how huge crystals form as though born from secret mineral love stories –and, if you really mean to discover such lovechildren in real explosions of glory, you have to climb so high or go down so deep that you’ll soon be noticing the priceless silence shrouding this world of wonders.
Space is silence, solace, survival, and the rare blessing of solitude. Although you could sometimes find it inside a deserted monastery surrounded by orchards, nowhere else will it strike you so deeply and so beautifully as in a deep dive under the sea. 
If you seek total freedom and endless room to be on your own, just swim all the way down to the rocks where amazing huge sea urchins of all colors stand guard to an empire so much vaster than all continents put together we can hardly start to imagine the end of it. 

And then you learn that space is color, because space is the miracle of life left on its own.
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