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Colours of the Sky byFrancisco Lacerda
Francisco Lacerda, a Portuguese artist, started painting near 2005, very young. He creates Art that reflects on the relationship between color, science, nature and art. Landscapes, photographs (and/or works by other artists), psychoanalysis, neuroscience, as well as personal thoughts, dilemas, dreams and memories inspire his Art. Francisco Lacerda has studied in the business, arts and gemology. Sky Valet and United State of International Artists, sponsors the exhibition project ART SKIES, in VIP Lounge at Sky Valet Faro and Lisbon facilities.

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Visit at www.franciscolacerda.org

Contact via info@usia.co.uk or by what’s up +351963759885
Shop at Saatchi https://www.saatchiart.com/franciscolacerda
Social https://www.instagram.com/franciscolacerdaarte/
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Aeroporto de Faro Edifício 14, CP, 2071, 8006-901 Faro


Colours of the Sky

Francisco Lacerda

Curated by Francisco Lacerda

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