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Tailored Art Consultancy 

You can rely on USIA´s expertise whether you wish to select works that reflect indisputable class in a hotel lobby or to fulfill your personal aesthetic.

Private and Public Art Display

USIA can help you source and commission artists to ensure that people are truly engaged with your project. Private and Public exhibitions of Contemporary Art.

Art Media Relations

We execute worldwide media relations campaigns inclusive of PR, B2B, broadcast opportunities, location shoots, digital and social media, presentation and media training, press trips, reputation management, interviews and brand partnerships, event management, UHNWI introductions, extensive research, data analytics and influencers.

Luxury and Brand Partnerships

Luxury and brand partnerships are mostly with non-exclusive and exclusive luxury brands, private art dealers, auction houses, art museums, art galleries, foundations, universities. Our immersion in the luxury sector allows us to create targeted partnerships to specific clients UHNWI.
Logistics and Exhibition Construction

USIA provides a team of Art Handling Technicians who can expertly ship, package, frame, print or hang anything with exceptional care.
Diamond and Gems Certification

USIA founder Francisco Lacerda is member of the Gia Alumni Portugal and UK, making GIA.edu the exclusive brand for diamond certification of USIA worldwide Clients. GIA reports represent the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity.