Alcides Baião (Painting, Portugal)
Artur Bual (Painting, Portugal)
Barbara Walraven (Painting, Argentina)
Marcelino Vespeira (Painting, Portugal)
Cruzeiro Seixas (Painting, Portugal)
Espiga Pinto (Painting, Portugal)
Franco Perotto (Painting, Luxembourg)
Gast Michels (Painting, Luxembourg)
João Alfaro (Painting, Portugal)
Júlio Pomar (Painting, Portugal)
Lagoa Henriques (Painting, Portugal)
Leonor Serpa Branco (Painting, Portugal)
Miguel Barbosa (Painting, Portugal)
Miguel D'Alte (Painting, Portugal)
Paulo Nozolino (Photography, Portugal)
Pedro Homem de Melo (Painting, Portugal)
Rico Sequeira (Painting, Portugal)
Robert Brandy (Painting, Luxembourg)
Rui Azevedo (Painting, Portugal)
Seixas Peixoto (Painting, Portugal)
Anya Myagkikh (Painting, Russia)
Carlos Hernâni (Photography, Portugal)
Ches Graffiti (Painting, Spain)
Chengyen LEE (Tapestry, China)
Cristina Rodriguez (Painting, Colombia)
Diana Mendieta (Sculpture, Mexico)
Donia Alsaleh (Painting, Saudi Arabia)
Elsa Figueiredo (Photography, Portugal)
Friedhard Meyer (Painting, Germany)
Gillian Hyland (Photography, Ireland)
Gonçalo Fonseca (Photography, Portugal)
Gustavo Fernandes (Painting, Portugal)
Geraldo Melo (Photography, Brazil)
Isabel Pinheiro (Painting, Portugal)
João Gabriel (Painting, Portugal)
Jonathan Ramirez (Painting, Mexico)
Joy Trpkovic (Ceramic, United Kingdom)
Julian Marshall (Photography, United Kingdom)
Kanwal Zafar (Painting, Pakistan)
Luca Moncaleano (Photography, Italy)
Luke Marcus Nugent (Photography, United Kingdom)
Misa Aihara (Painting, Japan)
Michal Ashkenazi (Painting, Israel)
MAX Provenzano (Photography, Venezuela)
Mika MS (Photography, Japan)
Natalia Schäfer (Painting, Germany)
Nestor Cano (Photography, Spain)
Noriko Fukui (Painting, Japan)
Poulheria Papahristou (Painting, Greece)
Richard Lewsey (Painting, United Kingdom)
Rita Vitorino (Photography, Portugal)
Raphaël Kessler (Photography, France)
Sahatarch Pittarong (Sculpture, Thailand)
Sito Schwarzenberger (Painting, Austria)
Tove Andresen (Painting, Denmark)
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