Claudia Abdelghafar
Sky Valet and United State of International Artists, sponsors the exhibition project ART SKIES, in VIP Lounge at Sky Valet Lisbon facilities.
Sky Valet reflects the unrivalled standards of quality, exclusivity and luxury of Premium Handling Services in the most iconic destinations in France, Spain and Portugal. 
Private and Business aviation is more than flying. It is a lifestyle, where time and attention are the most precious resources. 
The artist Claudia Abdelghafar expresses the positive attitude of her live. She believes that there is all the time an open door to our dreams.

Private View Only
July to September 2019

Sky Valet Lisboa
Aeroporto Humberto Delgado, 
Hangar 6, Apron 700, 
1700-111 Lisboa, Portugal

+351 211 997 249

Long Live Freedom

Claudia Abdelghafar

Curadoria de Francisco Lacerda

Most people imagine they just discovered how to get hold of a freedom they have not. Still, the main reason why they cherish their discovery is because they assume they will truly never be free. But there are some other people who know just how much dreams matter, hence every now and then they can enjoy complete freedom. They can hold hands with those they love and start walking, then start running, and then quite soon they will be flying, in need of nothing else.

In the world’s fairy tales, we often come into a life-changing moment where the hero has to choose between four horses in order to fight against the Powers of Evil.   One of those horses is as fast as time. The next is as fast as the wind. The next is as fast as our thoughts. The next is as fast as our dreams. The hero has no trouble picking up the last one, since it is the only horse running at a speed we cannot even see, and only what’s invisible to us is able to be, for sure, at any given time, faster than we are. It was out of those horses, galloping as they do over imaginary maps, that humankind was born.

They say only children can dream, but it is not true since these heroes remained ageless everywhere. We can dream whenever we want to be free, since it is also not true that only children enjoy freedom. All we have to do is to go get the horse that races but for us. And to leave again.


Major Exhibitions

2017, Artexpo New York, NYC, USA; 2016, Art Monaco, Monaco; 2016, Spectrum Miami, Miami, Florida, USA; 2015, Ritz Four Seasons, Lisbon, Portugal; 2014, Eurostars das Letras, Lisbon, Portugal;  2014, Space Gallery, New York, USA; 2014, Bulgari London, London, UK; 2013, Broadway Gallery,  New York, USA; 2013, Gallery Flussreif, Berikon, Switzerland; 2012, Parallax ART Fair, London, UK; 2012, Bodmer AG, Zurich, Switzerland;  2010, Mayor of Buchs, Zurich,  Switzerland;



Major Awards

2015,  Certificate of Excellence for being among the best 100 artist presented in the13th online contest on artavita; 2015, Honoured mention as the top artist of the year 2015 through USIA; 2014, Fine Art Competition, Conscious Creation; 2014 Winner of a  Honourable mention through Vivid Arts Network; 2012, Honourable mention on the 2nd Art Contest through Artavita




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NY Arts Magazine

America 2015 Guide

Wohler Anzeiger

International Contemporary Masters Vol. 5 

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