Ana Gonçalves
Sky Valet and United State of International Artists, sponsors the exhibition project ART SKIES, in VIP Lounge at Sky Valet Lisbon facilities. 

Private View Only

Sky Valet Lisboa
Aeroporto Humberto Delgado, 
Hangar 6, Apron 700, 
1700-111 Lisboa, Portugal


The Speed of Light

Ana Gonçalves

Curated by Francisco Lacerda

"It’s the light. The blue light that comes from the coast, where the white-sand beaches are soaked with foam scintillations from the surf of the biggest of all the big waves in the world..." Clara Pinto-Correia

“If you wish that the proximity of one colour should give grace to another colour which ends beside it, apply that rule which can be seen in the rays of the sun in the composition of the celestial rainbow, otherwise called the iris.” Leonardo da Vinci

“Colours and Light, it is true, stand in the intimate relation to each other.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“What is blue? Blue is invisible becoming visible...Blue has no dimensions. It “is” beyond the dimensions of which other colours partake.” Yves Klein

“Whiteness is the usual colour of light.” Isaac Newton 

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