Vernissage (Private Event)
17th January 2018, 6pm

Public Days
18th January to 30th January, 2018, 9am to 23pm
Monday to Sunday

Gallery 22A
Katara Cultural Village, 
West Bay, Doha, Qatar



Transitory Art 


Curated by Francisco Lacerda

To a major extent, we can call Transitory Art “the boundary paradigm”. The Transitory Art Exhibition it is a selection of works that includes a great variety of artists exploring a wide range of materials, techniques, and subjects, using different references and contexts present in contemporary art nowadays. For me, Transitory Art is the make-believe time we take to travel between new styles of contemporary art and other art movements. We can easily see it in this exhibition because, as we walk through the chosen works, we come into contact with different materials, pictures, drawings, proportions, and representations, eventually feeling taken for a take-no-prisoners ride. We can see that there´s a different context and approach. None of them are digital. The world is changing faster than we thought, sometimes in a uncontrolled way, and artists need to capture these changes. It is often a difficult work. Everyday there are new amazing artworks on display in museums, galleries, fairs, or art spaces. Transitory Art allows for us to clearly notice the difference between past, present and future. The knowledge of what it is art today! We live in a technological or digital world. People are digital connected. World is now a big uncontrolled and powerful computer software. Nowadays artists feel that there is a digital world awaiting them and respond to it. We see new artists displaying more videos or photos instead of paintings or sculptures. All Art is not Dead or Fake! But it is clearly changing very fast. If someone asks me what is the “future of art”, I would say that it will evolve more and more towards the digital sort of expression. Transitory Art is not a specific art style, I think it is a cultural movement.

About Francisco Lacerda

Focused on its International Customers since the very beginning, USIA ships its art to most countries in the world. Francisco Lacerda has curated more than 60 exhibitions around the world. USIA founder Francisco Lacerda is member of the Gia Alumni Portugal and UK, making GIA the exclusive brand for diamond certification of USIA worldwide Clients. Francisco Lacerda has backgound in Management, Visual Arts, Gemology, Art Business and Art Law. Francisco has curated artist like Tran trong Vu, Mahmud Rustamov, Teymur Rustamov, Luke Nugent, Gillian Hyland and Lee Cheng. 

About Katara

The Cultural Village Foundation is an exceptional project of hope for human interaction through art and cultural exchange – a project made possible thanks to the inspired vision, solid faith and wise leadership of HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Father Emir​ of the State of Qatar. 


Public: 15 international artists display with 32 site-specific paintings, sculpture and photography in Katara Cultural Village.

Francisco Lacerda, Director and Chief Curator of United State of International Artists, under the theme ‘TRANSITORY ART’, 32 site-specific artworks by emerging artists from over 6 countries will turn Katara exhibition space hall events into an indoor artistic exhibition space. Produced in collaboration with the Portuguese Embassy in Doha and Katara Cultural Village, the sector will include significant works by the artists TEYMUR RUSTAMOV, ANYA MYAGKIKH, FRIEDHARD MEYER, BENNO SÖKELAND, LAUREL MOORE, SAHATARCH, RICHARD LEWSEY, GABRIELA TOLOMEI, CRISTINA ALBAKER, GERALDO MELO, MISA AIHARA, ANA GONÇALVES, JOÃO GABRIEL, RVIEIRA


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United State Of International Artists

Embassy of Portugal in Doha

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Portugal

Instituto Camões




Francisco Lacerda

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