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CRISTINA ALBAKER, Mystical Art, Awakening

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Where? Sky Valet Lisboa, Aeroporto Humberto Delgado, Hangar 6, Apron 700, 

1700-111 Lisboa, Portugal

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Sky Valet and United State of International Artists, sponsors the exhibition project ART SKIES, in VIP Lounge at Sky Valet Lisbon facilities.

The artist Cristina Albaker presents a collection of artworks, proposing a new perspective of landscapes and some understanding of psychoanalysis. This mystical experience reflects the artist ́s contact with nature and environment, everyday objects and cultural roots. In this exhibition the observers can understand her paintings with their own emotions. To understand Cristina ́s paintings, you will also need a deeper and wider sense of time. Like many famous artists, their artworks could be understood with time through the years. “There is an endless source of radiant energy inside the speechless beauty of nature all around us.” says Cristina Albaker. On the other hand, when she puts more emphasis on details and subjects, she also creates the illusion of a reality, which in fact either does not exist or it is beyond human eye. A combination of spiritual emotions and rêverie on her artworks – the environment, the confusion of time, organic and inorganic, magical places – operated on her own terms, unhindered by human presence.

Cristina Albaker born in Lisbon, Portugal. She is recognized for landscape art paintings that develop ecologic and psychoanalysis issues. Landscapes that serve as a model to think about our ecosystems and natural beauty, such as to amplify the concern of nature protection.In 2003, she graduated from IADE - Creative University, in Lisbon, Portugal. After some years of exploring photographic art with several private works, she joined a small art group gathering at the atelier of the Portuguese hyperrealist artist, Gustavo Fernandes.


Press/Contact: info@usia.co.uk

Participating venues: Sky Valet Portugal, United State Of International Artists

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