Vernissage (By Invitation Only)
Guided Tour to the Exhibition and Archaeological site
7pm, 4th April 2019
Private Views (By Invitation Only)
Guided Tour to the Exhibition and Archaeological site
4th March 2019 - 4th June 2019

Eurostars Museum
R. Cais de Santarém 40, 1100-104 
Lisboa, Portugal

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Francisco Lacerda
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Transitory Art II

Julian Marshall, Luka Moncaleano, Teymur Rustamov, Michal Ashknasi, Geraldo Melo, Luke Marcus Nugent, MAX Provenzano, Tran Trong Vu, Samah El Hage, RVieira, Marie-France Charpentier, Cristina Albaker, Luis Morbey, Richard Lewsey, Anya Myagkikh, Gustavo Fernandes, Friedhard Meyer, Sahatarch Pittarong, Rodolfo Lopes, Ana Gonçalves, Saulo Silveira

Curated by Francisco Lacerda

The exhibition project TRANSITORY ART II, curated by Francisco Lacerda, it is a contemporary art exhibition that shows the relation between art and spectator, showing different types of materials, fields, forms, colours and visual perceptions. A collective exhibition featuring 21 artists from 13 different countries. 


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Eurostars Hotels

United State Of International Artists



Francisco Lacerda



Clara Pinto-Correia

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Shiaron Carolina Moncaleano

Luka Moncaleano

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United State Of International Artists


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