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April 2019

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April 2019 - May 2019

Eurostars Museum
R. Cais de Santarém 40, 1100-104 
Lisboa, Portugal

Transitory Art II

Tran Trong Vu, Mahmud Rustamov, Teymur Rustamov, Julian Marshall, Andrea Picci, Luka Moncaleano, Michal Ashknasi, Agneta Hildén, Friedhard Meyer, Ana Gonçalves, Saatarch Pittarong, Cristina Albaker,  Geraldo Melo, Samah El Hage, Luis Morbey, Rodolfo Lopes,  Luke Marcus Nugent

Curated by Francisco Lacerda

Eurostars Museum and United State of International Artists, sponsors the exhibition project TRANSITORY ART II.

Tran Trong Vu is a Vietnamese Artist born in 1964, in Hanoi. He is the youngest son of the poet Trần Dần. He graduated at the Hanoi School of Fine Arts and won a scholarship at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He now lives and works in Paris. His work beyond aesthetics reflects the obsession of a past that continues, the political and human derision. He paints on large transparent plastic sheets, then installs them in the workspace to create works in 3D. The modes of presentation themselves maintain an ambiguous relationship with the viewers: his installations composed of forests of plastic covers hanging from the ceiling, invite the spectator to get lost amidst painted silhouettes, in the anxiety inducing world of the artist. His achievements raise a public participation, complicity or at least an acceptance to enter the work. Visitors should seek their path in the transparency between images, figures, colors, and behave as if they were on a stage. His work is played on visual and psychological effects caused by its virtual maze of the image... Like the attractions at an amusement park: visitors go for fun and they find fear. He has had solo and collective exhibitions at the ASU Art Museum (Arizona), the Singapore Art Museum (Singapore), the Youth Art Palace (Tashkent), Espace Ecureuil, The Foundation for Contemporary Art (Toulouse), Künstlerhäuser (Worpswede), Casula Powerhouse (Sydney), Stenersen Museum (Oslo), Stiftelsen 314, International Contemporary Art Foundation (Bergen), Exhibition Center of Baie-Saint-Paul (Quebec), Galerie Mirchadani & Steinruecke (Bombay), Islip Art Museum (New York), Museum für Lackkunst (Münster), Espace Paul Ricard (Paris), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), the Modern Art Museum of Paris (Paris), Plum Blossoms Gallery (New York), Tobin Ohashi Gallery (Tokyo), Tropen Museim (Amsterdam), Watertoren (Vlissingen). His works are in the collection of the Singapore Art Museum, the Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts and the ASU Art Museum. He was awarded the first price at the Austria Biennial 2006 and the prestigious Pollock-Krasner Grant in New York for the season 2011-2012.

Mahmud Rustamov was born in 1967, in Azerbaijan, Baku. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture of the Azimzade Azerbaijan State Academy (1986), of the State University of the Arts (1992) and of the Creative Workshops at the USSR Arts Academy headed by Omar Eldarov (1998). In 2000, Mahmud Rustamov became a holder of the “Sculptor of the Year” prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry for Youth and Sport of the Azerbaijan Republic. His works can be found in private collections across Europe and at the State Museum of Art in Azerbaijan. Mahmud is an acknowledged master, whose work was acquired in 2013 by a major collector during the London exhibition “At the Crossroads”, organized by the auction house Sotheby’s. The sole participant in the “012 Baku Public Art Festival” project, inspired by the idea that the Maiden Tower is of extraterrestrial origin, which took the risk of setting up a golden sculptural figure of a visitor from another planet right in the center of the city... This is Mahmud Rustamov, artist, and the latest representative of a well-known artistic dynasty. The sculptor's works are at the same time aggressive and beautiful, full of refined eroticism and self-mockery. Brittle marble, rounded, almost female forms, through which mysterious flowers made of black rubber, erupt. Some might see these dangerous flowers as more like the sharp claws of a hawk, tormenting the tender white marble flesh. Thorns and roses are inseparable. Cool restraint can be combined with unbridled sensuality. The essence of nature goes hand in hand with the triumph of genetic engineering – the sculptor's works are like that. Looking at them, we ask ourselves: “Who do we have here – creatures of flesh and blood or superb bio-robots?” The same feeling of duality and bipolarity arises when we view the works made from bronze... At the center of the exhibition is the skull of the dragon brought low by St George's hand... From a gaping wound, a bayonet from the time of the Civil War protrudes, a weapon that languished for many a year at the back of the extinct fireplace in Granddad’s old house.

Teymur Rustamov was born in 1960, in Azerbaijan, Baku. He graduated from Azim Azimzadeh College of Art and Tbilisi Art Academy faculty of sculpture. His works are held in state museums in Baku and the Azerbaijan Culture Center in Paris. Teymur Rustamov is considered an important emerging artist in Azerbaijan, because his work was also featured at the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009 and 5th International Biennial of Contemporary Art Baku. Teymur´s offer approaches something like reality seen through different alternative media. We see a new rendition of reality expressed in sculptures, video art, soundscapes, abstract works, animation and some audio-visual animation, inspired by a mix of ancient and contemporary art, Art-Déco, science fiction and music. His sculptures, video art and graphic works, present the viewer with an alternative perspective on the real world. The graphic works that are computer-generated, such as “Blue” or "Red", can create an intersection between society and technology. The result of all these efforts often creates a different concept of beauty, definitely poignant but certainly not in natural form.

Julian Marshall, renowned for his provocative use of light and sensitivity to the subtle moods of his surroundings, Julian is able to capture intimate moments of timeless elegance and spontaneity. His ability to engage with his subjects on an extremely honest and raw level has made him a trusted choice for a wide spectrum of female celebrities, including Kate Moss, Ines de la Fressange, Emma Watson, Gemma Arterton, Darcy Bussell, Erin O’Conner and Daisy Lowe. Since 2012, Julian has exhibited his images throughout Europe, in both solo and group showcases, highlights include : 'Group Show' Galerie Marguerite Milin Paris (2018), 'Group show' Il Trovatore, Milan (2018), 'The Other Art Fair' London (2017); ‘No Artists No Art’, Lights of Soho, London (2017); ‘Fashion For Future’ Paris (2016); ‘Julian Marshall Photography’, Whitehall Court, London (2014); ‘Julian Marshall Solo Showcase’, Mortons, London (2012).

Andrea Giuseppe Picci was born in 1989 and grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland. After studying photography at ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne), he moved to Paris (France) in order to complete a BA of Graphic Design and Visual Communication at ESAM (Ecole Supérieure de Arts Modernes). In 2013, motivated by a will of polyvalence, he moved to London and obtains a MA of Fine Arts in the prestigious Central Saint Martins UAL (University of Arts of London).He had the honor to present his artworks next to the most influent artists such as Banksy, Damian Hirst, and even the iconic Andy Warhol. Constantly exploring new art techniques, oscillating between music, video directing, painting, sculpture, audiovisual realization, art installation and, more recently, even performance, Andrea loves to break the boundaries, in order to create new shapes and meaning to the classic sense of art. During the summer of 2015, one of his art projects created a buzz, as he impersonated Peter Doherty and succeeded being published on the cover of french newspaper Le Parisien instead of the infamous rockstar. Les Inrockuptibles noted that « impersonating a fake Doherty in a picture sold as real, the sosie (Andrea Picci) joined an appropriationist art process in a Richard Prince’s style, questioning the construction of identity (hello Cindy Sherman) and tackled our society of the spectacle. »

Luka Moncaleano was born in Piacenza in 1990. He attended the first year of the "Bruno Cassinari" School of Arts in Piacenza and dedicated himself, in his spare time, to artistic research. He is fascinated by video art and new linguistic experiments by artists like Damien Hirst and Olafur Eliasson. He has done several pictorial cycles and installations inspired by the iconography of war drawings made by Afghan and Iraqi children. In 2004, he won the Italian Factory Prize for Young Italian Painting with the work of Charisma and an installation of 80 cushions in pvc entitled Shahid. In 2005, with the Italian Factory, he set up his first personal exhibition at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. In 2006, he presented his second exhibition project titled Astrid digital printing in Piacenza at the Plant. Luka Moncaleano is among the 10 selected artists of Emilia Romagna whose works have become part of the Collection of the Institute of Cultural Heritage of the region of Emilia Romagna. In 2007, he participated in the collective La Nuova Figurazione Italiana. In 2008, displays for first time at the important Museo Carlo Zauli. By 2010 his works became part of Premio Arte Laguna Collection at the Museo Correr. Participates in 2012 as a assistant director in the film “Dreamsmellers”, mad eby Gaved Production. In 2013 he participates in an event with Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo - “900 in Arte Confini Globali”. Recently he has displayed his work at the Pino Pascali Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art, a project where artist is invited to give a meaning to places.

Michal Ashkenasi was born in the Netherlands and immigrated to Israel after World War II. She graduated from her art studies at Haifa University in 1983 and worked for several years with different artists. Michal moved to the Artist Colony in Sefad, Israel in 1990 and became a member. She is a member of the Israeli Association of Painters and Sculptors since 1987.  From 1987 she did one-man shows almost every year in Israel and Europe, and participated in groups exhibitions as well. Many private art lovers all over the world have purchased her works.  She currently works at her home in the center of Israel. Was accepted to the "Salon Des Artistes Francais 2003" for the juried International Show in Paris, France , where she received the Medaille de Bronze 2003 for her work and was awarded the Grande Medaille d'Or in the juried International Art Festival 2004 in Cannes , France.

Agneta Hildén was born in Sweden, Gävle, in 1959 and it is educated both as architect and artist from Sweden and France. Currently she lives and work in Stockholm’s archipelago, on Mouse Island. Her palette is colourful and her artworks are studies and research of human nature. She expresses a deeper meaning in her artworks and she draws skilful with a typical line. LA MODULOR is her main study about female proportions etc in the grammar in architecture. Of course in history, mens body and mind has been the issue. For example who Agneta E Hildén studied in Paris was Le Corbusier, Vitruvius etc. The old grammar in Architecture She calls her study LA MODULOR. The study is based on observations of her own body and mind and space and time. To Agneta E Hildén art and architecture connect more and more on an deeper plane inside the human as archetypes. From this artstudy Agneta E Hildén also now started to develop architectural projects in several countries. Her work is commended in how it pushes boundaries – Agneta’s work in examining the female form, body and mind is groundbreaking and alleviates her architectural designs. Originally inspired by the French modernist architect Le Corbuisers and his study LE Modulor, most of the work in art and architecture combine with inspiration from how the female body and soul expresses itself.  Agneta E Hildén says it’s very important and absolutely necessary because otherwise in the future we will create empty rooms in society. Females have to express their own rooms. In addition, there is also a kind of human sustainability: how people can understand each other’s reality from different gender, cultures, economic systems, et cetera. She already participated with USIA in several events, such as the “Exclusive Exhibition” at the Bulgari London Hotel, “Four Seasons” at Ritz Four Seasons and her solo exhibition at Eurostars das Letras, where she displayed more than 25 works, spanning most of the entire career works. She had an appreciated exhibition at Eskilstuna Artmuseum and an exhibition this summer at MILLENIUMARTGALLERY in Nordingrå.  Agneta E Hildén is an several time internationally awarded artist. She won the most Innovative Woman-Owned Architect Company in Sweden, the BUILD Design Innovation Award and the Female Designer of the Year 2015 and 2018.

Friedhard Meyer was born in 1940, in Nuremberg, West Germany. He studied at the Technical University of Munich and at the College of Further Education in Schweinfurt. In 2002, he designed the citizens ‘medal for the city of Bad Neustadt. Public acquisitions of his works include Siemens AG, Bavarian Civil Service Insurances and Savings bank. He has also been featured in several books and TV shows. Since 2007, he exhibited in Austria, China, Italy, US, Hungary, Portugal, France, Sweden and Spain. Friedhard Meyer´s abstract works create an illusion of space developed out of an accumulation of spontaneous, reactive gestures, closely associated with the De Stijl and Concrete art movements. His work creates an unusual experience, pulling the viewer into its world by the dynamism of the composition in a symbiosis of vitality and harmony. “With this project I have set myself the task of reducing paintings to colours, and to let colours lead the way, ways of abstracting colours as much as possible, reducing them to the impact they may have, i.e. turning colours into art.”, he says. For him “paintings convey a message that goes beyond the feeling of colourful and formal.

Ana Gonçalves is a Portuguese artist who has held several solo and collective exhibitions during her career in Portugal and abroad. She is best known for her paintings that present an emotive and astrological perspective of the universe. As this represents the first attempt to present this fascinating creative panorama, the exhibition also provides an opportunity to understand the transformations in space. She already exhibited her work in Portugal, Qatar and Spain. Her last participation was at the Katara Foundation in Doha, an USIA project based in Transitory Art movement.

Sahatarch Pittarong, professionally known as Sahatarch is a visual artist who graduated from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London (UAL) in Illustration, Experimental Illustration and Digital graphic. After graduation, he worked for many magazines as commercial illustrator and columnist and worked for street wear brand as graphic designer. Now, he has worked for KitiRin Jewellery brand as a conceptual manager, art director and graphic designer and worked simultaneously as an international artist who has exhibited worldwide. In his own own words, Sahatarch has a main porpose, which is to motivate, stimulate and impress an audience to learn his arts by their own view. The struggle to get to the root of what could be a “fact of nature” and what could be a “nature of fact” is a central theme in Sahatarch’s work. He constantly explores the relationship between an uncertainty of nature and a certainty of fact by using uncontrollable and controllable techniques, arguably one of the most ancient debates in all great human civilizations.For this artist, art is universal art, combined narrative art, creative art, and innovative art. He explores it all by using many forms of media, including hand drawing, painting, illustration, sculpture, and graphic design that is full of colour and details. Like all the sages from the many thousands of years before us, Sahatarch is attracted by the mysteriousness of fact and the secret of nature. Sahatarch’s individual art has been created from independence, creativity, imagery and tangible vision. He creates art as any other observer of life ever since natural philosophers of the Classical days started illustrating and decorating their natural-philosophy notebooks. And he becomes yet another artistic scientist to experiment and make new creative and useful objects, gladly following the steps of his predecessors from the days of the Scientific Revolution.  As all other naturalists and natural theologians, he tells us about charming mysteries of this planet, and mathematical complications of the universe that only the angels could solve, as Newton believed they would. For Sahatarch, once you chose to be as an innovative artist, then art is important for the world because it can identify who we are, what we do, where we come from, when we change, and how we live. Art is a perfect tool to send messages and to connect to each other. For every important period humankimd lives through, art is a powerful sign of tradition and culture, of civilisation and revolution. Art gives us a better understanding of life, of nature, and even of the world. Without art, the world would not have grown up yet. Only something larger than life can pull entire societies out of childhood.

Cristina Albaker was born in Lisbon, Portugal. She currently lives in Doha, Qatar. In 2003, she graduated from IADE, the Creative University, in Lisbon, Portugal. She is recognized for landscape art paintings that develop ecological and psychoanalysis issues. These landscapes work as models to make us think about our ecosystems and their natural beauty, aiming to amplify the concern of nature protection. To fully appreciate Cristina´s paintings, we always need a deep and wide sense of time. “There is an endless source of radiant energy inside the speechless beauty of nature all around us.” she says. On the other hand, when she puts more emphasis on details and subjects, she also creates the illusion of a reality that in fact either does not exist or is beyond human eye. Her artworks are marked by a  combination of spiritual emotions and rêveries on the environment, on the confusion of time, on organic and inorganic, on magical places, always operated on her own terms, and beautifully unhindered by human presence.

Geraldo Melo, is a highly accomplished Brazilian photographer; who began his professional career back in his youth, at the tender age of sixteen. Geraldo’s work as photographer was well known in Rio de Janeiro’s art scenes and within its inner circle, where Geraldo was not only discovered, but was also head hunted by the famous Rolling Stone Magazine Brazil Edition. Geraldo worked with the famous magazine as a contracted photographer until his mid twenties; throughout that time, he was also enrolled onto one of the most prestigious Art Institutes in Rio de Janeiro Public University, where he graduated from, at the age of twenty-one; with a Bachelor of Art Degree in Photography and Art History 1973. After the graduation, Geraldo left Brazil and moved to Paris, France, where he lived and worked for two years as a professional freelance photographer. The intention behind this move was to understand how photography and fine arts are interlinked. In accordance to his work as film director in the forthcoming decades, Geraldo specialized even further in portrait photography. The purpose behind this directional move was not only to understand but also capture the emotions of the subjects. Geraldo Melo’s main focus was and still is the silent language of the human body, which has been a consistent theme throughout his art. Geraldo’s fascination for the body language theme grew so much that back in 1981 he launched studio a Deliríos Artes Fotográficas Ltda, in Rio de Janeiro. This innovative and diverse direction brought him a new advancement, where he worked as a photographer that specialized in advertisement. This meant that his career would once again, escalate for the third time. This new recognition captured the attention of the academic world, where he was asked to join and lecture students. Geraldo embraced the offer and began to lecture in arts, movie and photography at the University of the City, Rio de Janeiro 1982. He worked at the university for five years; during that time Geraldo published numerous work and presented several masterpieces in exhibitions that was portrayed outside the campus and city. Geraldo Melo’s exhibitions have been presented throughout Brazil. Innovation and originality turned him into one of the pioneers of his field, specifically when it came to employing the newest technique ‘graphical computation method’ in the design of advertising photography. Back in the eighties and to his native Brazil this meant that Geraldo was not solely an artist but also an inventor, a man before his time. Moreover Geraldo being one the few photographers whom mastered the knowhow and proficiency in how to facilitate the new technology, his service and products was once more in high demand by the leading Brazilian advertising agencies, which sought to be part of his clientele. Furthermore, the agencies employed his service and asked him to execute exclusive commercial works for their unique brands, for agencies such as: J.W. Thompson, McCann-Erickson, FNasca, Salles, Artplan, Casa da Criação Contemporânea, DPZ, Fischer America, Giovanni/FCB, Ogilvy & Mather Brazil, Black Star in New York etc. Alongside agencies, Geraldo was also hired by national and international companies; Petrobras, Coca-Cola, Citybank, IBM, Wella, Plus Vita, Pepsi Cola, Amsterdam Sauer, DeBeers, H. Stern and UNESCO. The difference from the former i.e. the agencies was that the later, the companies wanted him not just to create exceptional work but also to supervise the national marketing campaigns and so on which shows a leadership skills on Geraldo’s behalf. Aside from that, Geraldo is a celebrated artist and his craftsmanship is known for its outstanding interpretations of a particular theme or motifs and the magnificent impact it has had on the Brazilian culture. Due to that acknowledgment, Geraldo was bound to be nominated for awards from his piers, not just because for his amazing artistry but on the condition that his art always have had solid illustration about the life’s of the common man. Throughout the years, Geraldo received tremendous awards; he won more than thirty prizes and has even received the prestigious recognitions from: Colunista Nacional by ABP Award, Cannes Photo Award between others. During his career with his private photographs he has been invited to participate in several museum collection’s and in nowadays you can find his work at: Museu de Arte de São Paulo- MASP, Musée Français of la Photographie, Paris and Museu de Arte Contemprânea de São Paulo.

Samah El Hage is a Swedish-Lebanese artist who has held several solo and collective exhibitions during her art career. She has brilliantly compelling paintings where she captivate viewers with her unique artistic vision. This contemporary Master creates magical figurative and abstract mixed media of charcoal and acrylic that articulates the essence of emotion and celebrates the human spirit. She already exhibited her work in Sweden, USA, Portugal, France, Lebanon and UK. Her last participation was at the Arken Hotel in Sweden. She was born 1982, Lebanon.

Rodolfo Lopes born in 1999, in Porto, Portugal, and it is an apprentice artist, student of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. Frequently of Visual Arts in the secondary school of Santa Maria Maior in Viana do Castelo, where it is natural,  being thus the best student of the course in that year. He has participated in some projects that are linked to the cinema: in the YEAD project and in annual meetings. In this sample, he presents a work in video art, exploring universes and problematic of society, often in a kitsch way. Being this his first exposure and for being in the process of learning, he is not in himself in any chain or movement that the etiquette. In this work, the artist shows a connection between a calm nature and a restlessness of art, materialized in a woman. It presents itself as a schizophrenic prism, denouncing a society and all its problems, through adjacent meanings as nuclei used.

Luke Marcus Nugent was born in 1989, in London, UK. Luke Nugent BA (hons) from University of Greenwich, is a British photographer living in London and working internationally. Working primarily in the fields of music, portraiture and fashion, Luke works with top models, musicians and personalities to develop imagery of a high technical and aesthetic standard. Luke has experience assisting world renowned photographer Rankin and has collaborated on various projects for Nick Knight's award winning fashion website SHOWstudio including editorial features, video projects and live events. Such as with Jessie J, Sky Ferreira, Anne-Marie, NAATIONS and A*M*E.  Clients, publications & features include: Warner Music, RAM Records, MTV UK/Base, BBC, Fucking Young!, The Times, Evening Standard, METRO, Financial Times, Volt Magazine, Emporio Armani Sounds, Pride Magazine. "I am inspired by music more than anything, I spend most of my time looking at visuals created for music artists and love fantasy imagery as well as more macabre stuff. I love musicians like Björk or FKA twigs who weave their music so seamlessly with visual elements to fully present their projects." 

About Eurostars Hotels Group

Eurostars Hotels is a hotel chain based in Barcelona, Spain, launched in January 2007, and is fully owned by The Hotusa Group. At the beginning of 2017, Eurostars Hotels comprised 101 hotels in 15 countries worldwide. On the banks of the Tagus River lies one of the most special hotels in the already magical city of Lisbon. Echoes of another time resound through the hills of the Portuguese capital, the same eras conserved today in the Eurostars Museum 5*. This unique building presents a valuable cultural heritage which dates back several centuries. With the goal of sharing and preserving an important part of Portuguese history, the Eurostars Museum 5* invites you to discover its archaeologic exhibition, a unique space that will guide you through the different eras that define the city’s identity today. The walls of the hotel, which today have been restored, tell us that at one time they welcomed the palaces of distinguished families closely related to the court. The same walls witnessed the Roman occupation, the Islamic invasions and the beginning of voyages searching for a new world. To stay at the Eurostars Museum 5* is to connect with the legacy of material culture that it passes on to all who visit it. A Eurostars Hotels é uma cadeia de hotéis com sede em Barcelona, ​​Espanha, lançada em janeiro de 2007 e é totalmente detida pelo The Hotusa Group. No início de 2017, a Eurostars Hotels compreendia 101 hotéis em 15 países em todo o mundo. Nas margens do rio Tejo encontra-se um dos hotéis mais especiais da já mágica cidade de Lisboa. Ecos de outro tempo ressoam pelas colinas da capital portuguesa, as mesmas eras conservadas hoje no Museu Eurostars 5 *. Este edifício único apresenta uma herança cultural valiosa que remonta a vários séculos. Com o objectivo de partilhar e preservar uma parte importante da história portuguesa, o Eurostars Museum 5 * convida-o a descobrir a sua exposição arqueológica, um espaço único que irá guiá-lo pelas diferentes épocas que definem a identidade da cidade hoje. As paredes do hotel, que hoje foram restauradas, dizem-nos que uma vez receberam os palácios de famílias ilustres intimamente relacionadas com a corte. As mesmas paredes testemunharam a ocupação romana, as invasões islâmicas e o início das viagens em busca de um novo mundo. Ficar no Eurostars Museum 5 * é conectar-se com o legado da cultura material que é transmitida a todos os que a visitam.

About USIA

USIA is a influential and international contemporary, modern and masterpiece online art gallery. Founded near 2009 by Francisco Lacerda, the brand USIA have a team with decades of investment expertise in Europe, Americas, Middle East, Africa and Asia. USIA Clients and Partners are Ultra UHNWI , Dealers, Auction Houses, Private Investors, Entrepreneurs and Art Investors. USIA makes a unique contribution to global culture, enriching the dialogue between the public and artists of different generations, cultures and disciplines. USIA is anchored in fundamental principles that center on respect for Human Rights and Climate Change, Nation, location, language, religion, ethnic origin or any other status. A USIA é uma galeria on-line de arte internacional moderna, contemporânea, e de obras-primas, fundada em 2009 por Francisco Lacerda. Os seus princípios centram-se no respeito plenos direitos humanos e pela mudança climática, bem como pelas nações, localizações, línguas, religiões, culturas, origens étnicas e outras características distintivas. A sua marca conta com uma equipa com décadas de peritagem já investida na Europa, nas Américas, no Médio Oriente, na Ásia, e em África. Os clientes e sócios da USIA são dealers, leiloeiros, investidores privados, empreendedores, e investidores em Arte. Desta forma, a USIA faz uma contribuição única para a cultura global, enriquecendo o diálogo entre o público e os artistas de várias gerações, culturas, e disciplinas. 

About Francisco Lacerda

Focused on its International Customers since the very beginning, USIA ships its art to most countries in the world. Francisco Lacerda has curated more than 60 exhibitions around the world. USIA founder Francisco Lacerda is member of the Gia Alumni Portugal and UK, making GIA the exclusive brand for diamond certification of USIA worldwide Clients. Francisco Lacerda has backgound in Management, Visual Arts, Gemology, Art Business and Art Law. Francisco has worked with artists like Tran trong Vu, Eva M. Paar, Mahmud Rustamov, Teymur Rustamov, Luke Nugent, Gillian Hyland, Pedro Calapez e Lee Cheng at different stages of their career. Centrada desde o início nos seus clientes internacionais, a USIA envia a sua arte para a maior parte dos países do mundo. Francisco Lacerda, membro fundador da USIA, já fez a curadoria de mais de 60 exposições em todo o mundo. Francisco é membro da Gia Alumni Portugal e UK, o que faz da GIA a marca exclusiva para certificação de diamantes dos clientes da USIA em todo o mundo. Os seus estudos e interesses envolvem Gestão, Artes Visuais, Gemologia, Negócio de Arte e Direito Artístico. Já representou artistas como Tran Trong Vu, Eva M. Paar, Mahmud Rustamov, Teymur Rustamov, Luke Nugent, Gillian Hyland, Pedro Calapez and Lee Cheng, em diferentes fases das suas carreiras.

About Clara Pinto-Correia 

Clara Pinto-Correia is a Portuguese-born novelist, journalist and educator. The daughter of a physician, she was born in Lisbon and earned a doctorate in cellular biology from the University of Porto. She was an adjunct professor in Veterinary and Animal Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She wrote a weekly column for the Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias. In 1984, she published her first novel Watercress (Agrião), followed by Goodbye Princess (Adeus, Princesa) in 1985. Adeus, Princesa was made into a movie in 1992. Clara Pinto-Correia é cientista, investigadora, escritora e jornalista, nascida em Lisboa e com o seu trabalho de investigação, docência, e escrita desenvolvido tanto em Portugal como nos Estados Unidos. Dos seus 57 livros publicados até ao presente destacam-se, em investigação, FEAR, WONDER, AND SCIENCE in the age of reproductive biotechnology (com Scott Gilbert, Columbia University Press, August 2017) e TODOS OS CAMINHOS, o primeiro romance da trilogia A TIRANIA DA DISTÂNCIA (Quatro Estações, Outubro 2017).


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