On View
Vernissage: 7pm, 10th October 2019
Public days: 3rd October - 15th November 2019
Eurostars Museum
R. Cais de Santarém 52
1100-104 Lisboa
Artists: Francisco Lacerda, Barbara Süßmeier, Ana Gonçalves 

Vernissage: 6pm, 10th November 2019
Public days: 11th November 2019 - 10th January 2020
Eurostars das Letras Hotel
Rua Castilho 12, 
1250-096 Lisboa
Artists: Francisco Lacerda, Claudia Abdelghafar, Michal Ashkenasi, MAX Provenzano, Richard Lewsey, RVieira, Cristina Albaker, Ana Gonçalves, Barbara Süßmeier, Sahatarch Pittarong

Private Views
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Light, Colours, Space and AI

Francisco Lacerda, Claudia Abdelghafar, Michal Ashkenasi, MAX Provenzano, Cristina Albaker, Richard Lewsey, Ana Gonçalves, RVieira, Barbara Süßmeier, Sahatarch Pittarong

Curated by Francisco Lacerda

Francisco Lacerda creates a group of artworks that question the future of art based in four main concepts: Light, Colour, Space and Artificial Intelligence.

This exhibition is based on the human eye´s perception of art. ““We all see differently the colours and think differently. We all see the colours in a different way. Our eyes have a unique way of defining colours, even if we think we can see the same as other people. For centuries philosophers, artists, scientists, and writers, tried to understand the connection between colours, light and space. But now also AI. Why do we all love the sun, the blue sky, sunset or sunshine? Why do some people hate pink, and others love green or orange? Is it possible that the reason why we hate and love colours is connected with the way we see colours in different ways and how we experience them? Is it possible to hate works of art only because of the colours and the negative experience we have? If yes, why?! If light changes the way we see colours, how does space also change our perceptions? How artificial in future would get the world of art? We are creating machines capable of seeing and understanding colours, space, art, life, in the same or different ways. What happens when we create art with machines? What happens when we create AI to make art? What happens when art is created by Super Intelligence machines capable of creating art and curiosity such as exploration, investigation and learning? How understandable will that be for human’s art? Will that be considered art? “The age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)” …” 

This exhibition is based on the concept of Transitory Art, a concept that research the future of art.

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