Vernissage: 7pm, 3rd October 2019
Public days: 25th September - 15th November 2019
Eurostars Museum
R. Cais de Santarém 52
1100-104 Lisboa
Artists: Francisco Lacerda, Barbara Süßmeier, Ana Gonçalves 

Vernissage: 7pm, 10th November 2019
Public days: 11th November 2019 - 1st January 2020
Eurostars das Letras Hotel
Rua Castilho 12, 
1250-096 Lisboa
Artists: Francisco Lacerda, Claudia Abdelghafar, Michal Ashknasi, MAX Provenzano, Richard Lewsey, RVieira, Cristina Albaker, Ana Gonçalves, Barbara Süßmeier, Joël Equagoo

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Light, Colours, Space and AI

Francisco Lacerda, Claudia Abdelghafar, Michal Ashknasi, MAX Provenzano, Cristina Albaker, Luis Morbey, Richard Lewsey, Rodolfo Lopes, Ana Gonçalves, RVieira, Barbara Süßmeier, Joël Equagoo

Curated by Francisco Lacerda

Francisco Lacerda creates a group of artworks that question the future of art based in four main concepts: Light, Colour, Space and Artificial Intelligence.

The Light has been one of the most important researches for centuries in many well-known artists of our times. Following by the colours with the new upcoming disruptive colour materials that will be soon available in the world of art. As well the influence of the Space that surround us and changes the artworks' perspective during time and space where the object is displayed. At last, but not least, the technology, also disruptive, that is already changing the art world, the Artificial Intelligence.

This exhibition is based on the concept of Transitory Art, a concept that research the future of art.

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