Cristina Albaker makes artworks with a new perspective on landscapes and nature. This mystical experience reflects the artist's contact with nature, environment, everyday objects, and cultural roots. 

This connection with nature and the meaning of it influences the content and symbolism in her work. Like many artists, their artwork could be understood with time through the years. “There is an endless source of radiant energy inside the speechless beauty of nature all around us" says Cristina Albaker.

On the other hand, when she puts more emphasis on details and subjects, she also creates the illusion of a reality that, in fact, either does not exist or is beyond the human eye. A confirmation and combination of spiritual emotions and rêverie in her artworks—the environment, the confusion of time, organic and inorganic, magical places—operated on her own terms, unhindered by human presence.

Cristina Albaker born in Lisbon, Portugal. She is recognized for abstract landscape art paintings with a dreaming underlying impression of her perception of the majestic of nature surrounding her reality. Landscapes that serve as a model to think about our ecosystems and natural beauty, such as to amplify the concern for nature protection. In 2003, she graduated from IADE, Creative University, in Lisbon, Portugal. 


Viewing Room - Online Exhibition

'À espera'Size: 80x80 cm. Canvas. © Cristina Albaker

Metaverse -Online Exhibition
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