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Adélia Clavien, Carlos Hernâni, Cristina Albaker, Elsa Figueiredo, Gonçalo Fonseca, Marc Sarkis Gulbenkian, Rodolfo Lopes, Ricardo Reis, Rita Vitorino

Curated by Francisco Lacerda

From 26 - 31 March 2022 10:00 to 00:00 Sunday to Thursday 10:00 to 02:00 on Friday and Saturday Pavilions open daily from 10:00 to 22:00. PORTUGAL EXPO 2020 DUBAI. Portugal Pavilion - Portuguese Photography Exhibition.

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Artworks Exhibited
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©  Marc Sarkis Gulbenkian

©  Ricardo Reis

©  Elsa Figueiredo

©  Rodolfo Lopes

The photography exhibition, ”LONGING.IMAGE", on view at the Portuguese Pavilion, promotes the photographic work of selected Portuguese artists.

“Image”, or “Imago” in Portuguese, comes from Latin and is recognized in many languages. "Longing" or "Saudade" is one of only a few words in Portuguese that does not have a literal translation in many other languages. "Saudade" implies a feeling of nostalgia. "Saudade" usually refers to the memory of something that was, or is, dear to us (family members or friends, for example), of something that gave us pleasure to live, to share, to feel and that always remains in our memory. "Saudade" came into frequent usage after 1415 when Portuguese explorers and mariners left their homes to discover new worlds.

This exhibition of photographs by select Portuguese artists shows different types of photography, which allow us to expand our visual experience and invite us to feel a wide range of emotions.


Dubai catalogue - "LONGING.IMAGE"

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This exhibition features the following artists: Adélia Clavien, Carlos Hernâni, Cristina Albaker, Elsa Figueiredo, Gonçalo Fonseca, Marc Sarkis Gulbenkian, Rodolfo Lopes, Ricardo Reis, Rita Vitorino.

Adélia Clavien was born in 1962, in Mirandela. Adélia currently lives in Switzerland, in Trélex, where she has been based since 1981. As an artist, she works in a self-taught and passionate way. She explores various painting techniques but, mainly, Abstract and Pop Art. She uses her knowledge of photography to create original works mixing painting and photography, called “New Pop Realism”.
Instagram: adelia.clavien 

Carlos Hernâni is a charismatic. Insightful. reliable. creative photographer. These are the words that better describe Carlos and his vision towards photography, his life passion. Born in the North of Portugal, and coming from humble families, soon he started to forge his own way towards an ambitious career.Recently graduated in photography by the Portuguese Institute of Photography, he is now living one of his biggest dreams – to become a professional equine photographer. After his graduation, he elected the most successful Portuguese equestrian marketing and image company – Lusitano World – for his internship and conquered his place on the company team. Besides equine photography, the 23 year old photographer also has experience in photojournalism, counting now with two honorable mentions in the International Photographers Awards.
Instagram: carloshernaniphoto

Cristina Albaker was born in Lisbon. All her painting and photography work, mostly landscapes, has a connection with nature and spirituality. She finished her photography course at IADE, in 2003. During some years of her career, she was in contact with the painter Gustavo Fernandes, where she gained experience in painting.
Instagram: photograarte 

Elsa Figueiredo was born in Covilhã, in 1962. She lives in Lisbon. Ten years ago she discovered her passion for photography, one of the activities that most excites and thrills her. This interest in photography led her to do several trainings in Portugal, UK and Brazil. She is currently attending the Photography and Artistic Project Course of the SNBA - National Society of Fine Arts. Since 2015, she has participated in several group exhibitions.
Instagram: elsafigueiredo19 

Gonçalo Fonseca was born in Lisbon, in 1993, and is a Lisbon-based documentary photographer. Since 2017, he has dedicated to photography with a focus on health and housing themes. His works, made in different countries, such as Portugal, Spain, China and India, have been published by: TIME Magazine, The Washington Post, Der Spiegel, El País, among others. He recently received the “Leica Oskar Barnak Award – Newcomer 2020” for his work “New Lisbon”.
Instagram: goncalo.fonseca

Marc Sarkis Gulbenkian was born in Paris, France, in 1961, but has lived practically all his life in Lisbon. He holds a PHD from the “University of Reading”, in the United Kingdom and has worked for two decades in the direction and coordination of “International Cooperation projects”, which allowed him to contact a diversity of peoples and cultures. At the same time, he has always dedicated himself to photography, publishing, as an author or in partnership, the following books: in 2014, “Lisboa e o Tejo” sponsored by the Heritage Hotel chain; in 2017, “Lisboa, o Tejo”, everything with text by the writer António Mega Ferreira; in 2019, “Santo António, de Lisboa e Pádua, Viagem a uma devoção ímpar”, by the author and writer António Mega Ferreira, which originated an exhibition in February/March 2020, at the Santo António Museum in Lisbon.
Instagram: marc.s.gulbenkian 

Rodolfo André dos Anjos Lopes, was born on March 8, 1999, in the city of Viana do Castelo – Portugal, and is one of the most recent Portuguese artists. Initially, he took the “Visual Arts” course at the Secondary School of “Santa Maria Maior”, in Viana do Castelo and in 2021 finished his degree in Fine Arts, in the field of Sculpture, at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. However, he has already carried out several extracurricular training in the areas of cinema, photography and glass techniques. His connection with the city, where he was born and with his family, are the first starting points for his works. Pieces that have roots from the land, or family ties, form part of his artistic creation from an early age. Recently, he discovered another new work method that he has been using with great frequency: “My own BODY.” “My own BODY.” presents all the pieces based, almost entirely, on his body. He defines himself as egocentric and narcissistic, and believes that his work should be fully realized to his measure and idealization. Currently, he attends the Masters in “Plastic Arts – Sculpture”, at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto.
Instagram: rodolfolopesart 

Ricardo Reis finished his course at the IPF, in Lisbon, in 2008 and started working as a photojournalist as his intention was to have a career as a war photographer. Later, through an award he won in NY as one of the “Best black and white portfolios. 2009”, began to diversify and that was when he began to have representation in international galleries and is currently managed by a London Agency as well. His work has already won several international awards and has been shown in NY, Miami, Los Angeles, Amsterdam , Lisbon, London, Belgium, Germany, Italy . He was a choice award judge in the Faces contest by Elisabeth Avedon. His photographs were included and published in books such as "Ideal City of Leonardo", Leonardo da Vinci.
Instagram: ricardojorgereis 

Rita Vitorino is a 22-year-old photographer and videographer specializing in the equestrian area. Born in Cascais, Rita began her equestrian career as a child with the practice of riding. She later added her professional training in photography to her greatest passion – horses! She is currently image coordinator at the “Lusitano World” marketing agency – a company dedicated to promoting the Lusitano horse internationally. She believes that the best photographs are the most faithful to reality, and the true beauty of an image is mainly made up of its composition and light. Rita's goal, in each photograph, is to show the Lusitano horse in a technically correct way, holding the viewer through her lens. Several world-renowned Lusitanos pass through her camera.
Instagram: ritavitorino5

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