Miguel Martins, born in 1970 in Toury, France. With 7 years old he went live in Portugal. In the late 80´s he started at Cerâmica do Douro in Arcozelo, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, his art´s formation in ceramics. He attended the University Moderna in the city of Porto, studying law, but he did not complete it as he found that it was not the path to follow. Since a young age, with his cousin Avelino Nunes, a renowned Portuguese architect, he learned and developed his skills and techniques for drawing, painting and sculpture on a daily basis. 

Self-taught, he specializes in the mixing of different techniques and materials in the creation of his art. Digital art, painting and sculpture are the ways that Miguel uses to express himself and communicate his messages. “My journey in art is a constant search for new ways of creating and giving more depth to my work. The expression in its simplicity with all its splendor”. Until November 2023, Miguel was the permanent artist in an emblematic and heritage place in the city of Geneva, the restaurant at The Hotel de Ville de Genève, a highly frequented place for a national and international public. Over the last few years, several public exhibitions have been held but Miguel, for several reasons, highlights two that left a deep impression on him, one at the Club Migros School in the city of Nyon and the other at Eva´s House in the Pathé cinema galleries in the city of Lausanne. Miguel in recent years privileges private exhibitions, where Miguel is invited to exhibit solo for a private audience selected by the hosts. Until 2025 some private and public exhibitions have been scheduled in Switzerland and abroad.

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"Line". Acrylic paint. On paper.30 cm wide x 40 cm. Miguel Martins©  

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Acrylic paint.
On paper.
30 cm wide x 40 cm. Miguel Martins©  

"The mistress"
Printed - Digital Art
Different supports
Different sizes
A work and project that I developed in the last few months, entitled "No comment". Thoughts and reflections with the woman as the main character. Miguel Martins

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