Philippe Thuriet is a self-taught painter and sculptor, born on June 30, 1969 in Dijon, France. He started drawing very young at the age of five like one learn to write at school. He obtained a diploma of Cabinetmaking of Art and Marquetry in France where he trained in wood carving then learned himself to sculpt iron and clay modeling. He studied human anatomy alone to draw each member of the human body, each muscle and the bones that make us up through his readings and manuals from his youth. He always had asurreal soul deep inside but he first developed his art towards what we observe around us or what we seek everywhere else. He created on paper numerous nudes of his relatives, their portraits, unusual drawings... with his pencils, charcoal, sanguine chalk etc. He painted portraits of renowned artists who inspired the evolution of his being. He also worked on the cubist movement and deepened his own technique. He naturally creates a geometry on the different media he uses to calculate each proportion of his works. Demanding of himself, he is always in search of “perfection”. He first created what he looked at in his environment: still lifes, animals, urban landscapes or those in the heart of leafy nature populated with mysteries and inspirations... undergrowth, rivers, sources of water, of Life. At the end of the 1980s, while continuing to draw his visions on paper he wanted to explore other noble materials and improve mainly on a technique: oil painting. In the 1990s, he has participated in numerous individual or group exhibitions in France. Poet and instinctive, he never stopped working for decades in his “Atelier At Home” at Montpellier in France without really exhibiting for the general public. Since the beginning of 2023, he now wishes to share his surreal universe internationally and participates in exhibitions and competitions around the world.

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Viewing Room - Online Exhibition

"De tant en temps" - "So much to time”
Dimension: 114 x 146 cm.
Oil painting.
Linen canvas on stretcher.
Philippe Thuriet©

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