Adélia Clavien was born in 1962 in Mirandela. Adélia currently lives in Switzerland, in Trélex, where she has been based since 1981. As an artist, she works in a self-taught and passionate way. She explores various painting techniques, mainly abstract and pop art. The fact that Adelia is a self-taught artist can be advantageous for various reasons, and many successful artists have emerged from self-guided learning experiences.

Adélia Clavien often develops a unique and distinctive style. Without the influence of formal training, she has the freedom to explore and express her creativity in a way that is truly authentic to her individual perspectives and experiences. She uses her knowledge of photography to create original works mixing painting and photography, called “New Pop Realism." This movement refers to a contemporary art movement that draws inspiration from both pop art and photorealism, combining elements of popular culture with a hyper-realistic painting style. This genre emerged as artists sought to explore fresh ways of engaging with the visual world while commenting on the complexities of contemporary society.

In the case of pop Culture Icons from Adélia Clavien works for example, similar to Pop Art, New Pop Realism often features imagery from popular culture. She may incorporate recognizable symbols, celebrities, consumer products, or media references into their work. Within New Pop Realism, she employs a variety of styles, ranging from traditional painting methods to more experimental approaches. This diversity reflects the movement's adaptability and openness to different artistic expressions.Jeff Koons for example, is an American artist known for his distinctive approach to art, which often combines elements of Pop Art and Realism. He is recognized for creating large-scale sculptures and paintings that reference popular culture and consumer products.

Adélia Clavien goes beyond surface aesthetics; she engages with social and cultural commentary. She uses the familiarity of pop culture imagery to explore deeper themes, such as consumerism, identity, politics, or the impact of technology on society.

Adélia Clavien is a talented artist with a keen eye for portraying the glamour and personality of celebrities through her artwork. Her fascination with the allure of fame and the magnetic presence of public figures has become the focal point of her creative expression.

Adelia have already participated in major international solo and group exhibitions in New York, São Paulo, Berlin, Dubai, Venice, Florence, Miami, Durham, Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Berlin etc. and in April 2023 she opened her own gallery (Art for You) in Sierre (Swiss).

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“Kunst und Seele VIII” / “Art and Soul VIII”. “Regard_XII” / “Look_XII”.  100 x 75 cm Edition of 30 Mixed Media sticker Mounting On 10mm Foam Board. Adélia Clavien© 

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